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Bedtime Story

Ever since I was little, my Mommy would always read a story to me before I would go to sleep. We have big storybooks, with a story for every day of the year. We have lots of other books too. And now that I'm older and that I can read, we do something super fun: Mommy and I read together. We decide who starts, she reads one page and I read the next one. I love it! And since mommy still reads the bedtime story to my little brother, I can enjoy that one too. So that's two stories every night ;)

What I like the most is to listen to mommy, and then try to do what she does with her voice: "give life to the story". And every time, I get a little better. Especially with the stories we've already read a few times. And Mommy tells me: ‘Ptit Bunny, you should be very proud of yourself!ʼ (And I am;))

I wish you sweet family bedtime stories! (from Ptit Bunny’s mommy)



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