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A propos de moi

Hello, My New Friends. This Is Who I Am.

I was born on the eve of Spring 2014. I have two countries, Belgium and the United States. I like having fun with my friends, listening to what grown-ups are talking about, playing, running, exploring, and I love ice-cream!

I have a lot of things to tell you, stuff that I would like to share with you. So every week, I will meet you here. We'll talk about nature, seasons, emotions, we will discover new things, learn some French, and a lot more!

Welcome to my planet!

Ptit Bunny


Pourquoi Ptit Bunny

If I am here today, it’s because I would like to tell you something: in my every day family, there is my mom, my little brother, and me. But some of my friends live with their dad too. Some others spend a week at their mom’s, and the following one at their dad’s. There are big families, small ones, brothers, sisters, only-children, half-brothers, half-sisters, and a lot of other options. In a nutshell: a lot of different families! Sometimes, difference is fun, and sometimes, it’s difficult because we feel we are not like everyone else.


So sharing this precious little message with you is very close to my heart:

Happiness doesn’t depend on the make-up of the family; what matters is its heart, the Love that there is inside…

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