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I am Ptit Bunny's mom, and here are a few words about his first steps.


I have always loved family life. So what a joy to become a mom! But life events (a separation) forced me to quickly reinvent my concept of a family unit: a mom and her two children. In the midst of having our daily lives turned upside down, I created and told happy stories of a family of three to my children. This is how Ptit Bunny was born!


At a later stage the collaboration with Stéphanie Blanchart, a talented illustrator, started. She understood the emotions behind the words that I wrote and drew Ptit Bunny just as I was imagining him.


Children are wonderful. Their innocence, their kindness and their sensitivity touch me so much. In the middle of our crazy busy adult lives, Ptit Bunny wants to offer everyone the opportunity to take a break, as a family (whatever kind of family): a moment of exchange and sharing, enjoying simple little things such as the smell of a cake baking, drawing together, daisies in a glass on the table,…


I am very happy to share Ptit Bunny with you :)


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