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One Day at a Time, and Love

Life isn't a river that flows calmly. We all face hardships: in our professional, emotional, and family lives. We each have our sensitivity, our own ways of coping and finding solutions. Some approaches speak to us, others don’t.

I think that what matters the most is to be in agreement with oneself, and to try to do our best while respecting ourselves and others.


My discretion makes it difficult for me to write these paragraphs. But I believe so strongly in all of this that I must share it. That, after all, is why Ptit Bunny is here :)


At this point, you’ll have understood that I’m familiar with the pain resulting from a separation. The sentiment of helplessness that children suffer with respect to painful feelings touches me deeply. We so wish we could avert those from them!


So what can we do at times of great discouragement, when the top of the mountain seems so high that you can't see where and how to take the first step? How can you be there for them when it is hard to be there for yourself?


There's no magic formula, except for Lovecreating security by giving love, by reassuring, by giving attention and affection, by listening, by teaching them how to put words on feelings, by welcoming emotions, by simply being there, with caring eyes.


And little by little, one day at a time, the moments of laughter and lightness will come. Through small daily moments of sharing, which, one after the other, will allow us to rebuild a beautiful balance.


Children naturally possess what we are lacking so much: the ability to be in the moment. So let's try to meet them there, and to be by their side to guide them through the emotions they feel. This is the wonderful gift that is given to us.


I am fully aware that this is quite complicated. Because when you are an adult, even when you are going through extremely hard times, the reality of everyday life remains the same: work pressure, laundry to do, homework to check, dinner to prepare, and a thousand other things to do that make routine heavy to manage. We are tired, sometimes discouraged, and above all that, we have our own emotions to deal with.


But we are "grown-ups". And they count on us to accompany them on the wonderful path of childhood.

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