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Advent Calendar

An Advent calendar is so much fun! So, today, I suggest we make one. You will need envelopes, glue or scotch tape, a hole punch, string, and a small branch that you will find in the park or in the yard. You will see why. Ask a grown-up to help you and to guide you every step of the way.

Cut 12 envelopes in the middle in order to get 24 small cases

Seal the open part (located on the right or left) with scotch tape or glue, leaving a small opening to insert the surprise

Write the numbers from 1 through 24, one on each small case, and decorate as you wish (drawings, small stickers, glitter, etc.)

Cut the string into 24 pieces of different lengths, and organize them following what is shown on the illustration

Punch a hole in the upper part of the case to allow the string to pass through

Tie a small knot to attach the string to the case

Attach your small decorated cases to the branch you found. This step requires patience, you can ask a grown-up to take care of it

And voilà! The only thing left is for the grown-ups to surprise you by filling them up

Last year, in our Advent calendar, there were some mini bonbons that were so good. We’ve had sweets too, little messages, champion medals, etc.


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