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April Fools

A little note to my English speaking friends. Here in Belgium, we have a tradition on April Fools: we try to stick paper fish on people's backs without them noticing it. Then they walk around looking silly, until they realize they've been fooled with an April Fools fish ;)

Today we're going to have a good laugh, because April 1st is the day of pranks. And laughing is so important! But it seems that grown-ups tend to forget that. What about reminding everyone of the benefits of a good laugh?!

Get your round-tipped scissors, a sheet of paper, pencils or color markers, and scotch tape. Draw a few fish (as many as you want, really), big or small, and then cut them out, before adding a piece of scotch tape. Keep in mind that the goal will be to stick them on the back of the people who live with you, hoping it will take them a while to notice! Find a way to make a diversion... and stick the fish!

How long will it take for your April Fools’ fish to be discovered? And don't forget to check if YOU haven't been fooled ;)


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