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I love Christmas! The whole family gets together; there are pretty decorations all around the house, and gifts under the tree! This year, Christmas will be different. But still, let me explain what I enjoy.

One of my favorite moments in the evening is the “aperitif”. Mommy buys us sparkling apple juice, which she puts in beautiful glasses, just like the grown-ups, except that ours don't break. Then she prepares a small bowl of chips for my little brother and me. I always eat them very quickly because I find them very good. The grown-ups sit in the living room and talk and laugh a lot. At some point I sneak in between the chairs and take some chips from the big bowl until Mommy sees me and says, "Ptit Bunny, you won't be hungry for the meal anymore". She is right, but chips are so good.

This year I asked Mommy if we could decorate my room. And she said yes! We took a small lighting garland, we made some paper garlands, and we stuck them to the wall next to my bed and my little desk.

Santa often brings me a beautiful book. For Christmas I asked for pajamas with a reindeer head hood. And this is what I imagined: when I have to go to bed, I will light up my pretty colorful garland, I will settle down in my bed in my cozy PJs, my back against a pillow, to discover my new book, in a beautiful Christmas atmosphere. It will be great! Would you like to try that too?

I put the garland template here below. Ask a grown-up to print it. And then have fun decorating your room.

Merry Christmas, my friends!


Ptit Bunny

Christmas Garland
Download PDF • 111KB


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