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Usually, my extended family gathers for Easter: my grandparents, sometimes my uncles, my cousins, etc. But this year, it will be different, because of what the grown-ups call the lockdown. So it won’t be the same family party. It is all postponed for now! In the meantime, why don't we set a nice table? For a nice Easter table, I have a few suggestions: first, ask the grown-ups if you can help them set the table. Then find some flowers in the garden, or leaves or feathers that you can lay in the middle of the table to create a sort of natural table runner. Or if you already have small colored eggs (chocolate eggs wrapped in glossy paper for example), you can spread them all over the table between plates and glasses.

And if you’d like to do craft activities, ask a grown-up to make some hard-boiled eggs on which you will then draw and color! Here are some ideas: draw a small bunny nose, whiskers and eyes. :) Cut out two long bunny ears in paper and stick them on top of the egg. You can also add small bunny paws, or place the egg in an eggcup.

Did you know?

I told you I have two countries. You know that in the United States, Easter Bunny brings chocolate eggs. But here, in Belgium, it's the Easter Bells.

Happy Easter, my little friends!

PS: Hey, did you notice, my little brother joined me to do crafts!


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