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Father's Day

Every year at school, we prepare a craft for Father's Day. So, on Friday - the day of craft activities - I was a little embarrassed because I rarely see my dad and he has never been here on Father's Day. I think my teacher knows but I didn't dare to say anything.

When I got home, I explained to Mommy what happened in class with the craft. She said: "Ptit Bunny, I know it is hard for you. I said: "And Mommy, the craft is so beautiful I really want to do it." So Mommy told me not to worry, that I would give this craft to whoever I wanted. "Don't worry, tomorrow I'll go and say a little word to your teacher". I already felt better because I could see that there were solutions.

The following week, when my teacher said that we were going to continue with the crafts, she came to me and said: "Ptit Bunny, who do you want to give your craft to?" And I told her "to my Mommy". She said "perfect".

Let me explain: the craft was a card that you could scratch out and lots of pretty colors would appear, and on the other side, we were going to put a poem. My teacher gave me a new card so that I could write and draw whatever I wanted, and then she told the class to behave because she had to go make a copy and the copy machine is in another class a little further down the hall.

We were all very nice while waiting for her. Moreover, she had designated Chloe as the person in charge and as soon as someone spoke, Chloe said 'shhhh'. I was very focused on my card.

When the teacher came back after about two minutes, she came to me and said "Ptit Bunny, let's see if you like this poem". She started reading it with me, it was a very nice poem for mommies. I was so happy! She helped me cut it out and put it on the back of my card. And on the other side, I drew hearts and flowers and I wrote "for the best Mommy ever".


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