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For Valentine's Day

On February 14, we will celebrate Valentine's Day. In Belgium, it's mostly a special day for people in love. But in the United States, it is the celebration of love and friendship. So we can wish a happy Valentine's Day to all the people we like!

For this occasion, with Mommy, we've prepared an easy craft.

You will need:

- a small jar with a lid

- a sheet of paper OR post-it notes OR the PDF sheet below

- scissors

- pencils, pens, or markers

- optional: a piece of fabric, string, a sticker

Here's the idea: you're going to cut out small pieces of paper more or less similar in size (you can print the template at the bottom of this page if that's easier). On each piece of paper, you will write a compliment for the person you are giving the gift to. Then roll up the paper and place it in the jar.

To decorate the jar, you can stick a label on it, or punch a hole in the label and tie it to the jar with a piece of string. And if you prefer to decorate with fabric, ask a grown-up to help you tie a piece of fabric to the top of the jar with string or a rubber band.

If your teacher wants to do this activity in class: each student writes a compliment for the other students in the class. At the end of the craft, everyone will have a jar full of compliments from their classmates!

Ptit Bunny Feuillet Saint Valentin
Download PDF • 133KB


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