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Grandpa's Day!

In Belgium, we celebrate Grandpas on October 4th. But we also have “Grandparents Day” on a Sunday mid-September. Some dates vary from country to country.

I hope you enjoy this little video!

My grandpa reads long stories to me, he plays board games with me, he makes videos of my birthday parties, he takes me for bike rides or for walks in the woods; he also prepares typical grandpa dishes like Blanquette, a delicious veal stew with onions and mushroom (I'll have to ask him for the recipe to be able to share it with you!). He taught me how to read with the great book of words, sometimes he sends me little surprises in the mail, and when I call him to say hello, I can hear in his voice that he is happy.

I have an amazing grandpa and I adore him.

llustrations of Ptit Bunny and production of this video by Stéphanie Blanchart

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