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Halloween is just around the corner.

Every year, we go trick-or-treating in my grandma's neighborhood. But this year, because of the virus, it won't be possible. I was a little sad when Mommy told me that we’ll have to stay home. Luckily, we planned a nice program in order to have fun anyway. Here it is, if you want to get inspiration from it:

First, we are going to decorate the house. We have a mini jack-o’-lantern garland. We also have fake cobwebs, so well made that they look like real ones. I have to admit that last year we had put some in the hallway, and every time I passed by, I was a little afraid to touch them ;)

Then, we are going to carve pumpkins: a big one for Mommy, a medium one for me, and a small one for my little brother. We each choose the face we are going to give them. Be careful; always let a grown-up cut the parts to be removed! I like to empty the inside of the pumpkin. And the best part is when they are finished, because we put them in front of the house and Mommy lights small candles inside them. It is so much fun!

And afterwards, we’ll put on our Halloween costumes, and Mommy will bake little cakes shaped like ghosts and pumpkins. It's the same recipe as for the cupcakes ( but we bake them in our Halloween baking pans!

This year, I'll dress up as a monster, my little brother as Dracula, and Mommy as a nice witch.

And you, what costume are you going to wear?

Just by telling you all this, I already want to be there! ;)

Happy Halloween!

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