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March 1st: Compliments Day

Compliments are like little gifts that we give with words.

For example: 'Bravo Ptit Bunny, you made a very nice drawing', or 'You scored a great goal at your soccer game yesterday, what a champion!' or 'Congratulations for focusing so well on your writing assignment!'. When I hear these little sentences, I feel proud and happy.

Sometimes I also give compliments: I tell Mommy that she has a nice dress, or that her cake is delicious.

To give a compliment is to say something positive, and Mommy often tells me how important it is. So your mission for today: think of three compliments you will make. To a friend at school, or to your sibblings, to your grandpa or grandma, or to whomever you want!

Hugs, and have a great day :)


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