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Rebuses and Charades/Riddles. Let's have some fun!

I told you in my vacation notebook that with Mommy we play rebus and charade/riddle games. Your turn now!

We play the guessing game of rebus in French and in English. As for charades, it works differently. In French, it goes like this:

My first is a drink

My second is a drink

My third is a drink

And my whole is a drink: 1st,café (coffee); 2nd, eau (water); 3rd, lait (milk); which as a whole in French gives you café au lait, meaning coffee with milk (the same words don’t work in English).

But in English, as you know, a charade is a different game: a team game in which each member tries to communicate to the others a particular word or phrase that they have been given, by expressing each syllable or word using silent actions.






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