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Spring is Coming, as Well as The International Day of Happiness

I like the seasons: winter, because I go sledding at my grandpa's house; fall, when the leaves get pretty colors; summer, because the weather is nice and we can play in the water. But my favorite season is spring. I know it’s just around the corner when I see snowdrops growing in the yard, and when I hear the birds singing again. Also when it's light out while we get ready to go to school.

And Mommy explained to me that the first day of spring is also the International Day of Happiness.

So I came up with a little program to celebrate all this! First, I'm going to play ball, then I'm going to ask Mommy if we can eat pizza, and buy ice cream for the afternoon snack. I'll have fun with my little brother and have a good laugh. I'll get my explorer's notebook and go rediscover the yard. I'll color a mandala for my grandpa and one for my grandma, and in the evening, I'll snuggle up with Mommy and we’ll read one of my favorite books.

What about you, what do you like to do? What is your favorite season? What are the little things that make you happy? Send me a quick message by clicking on “Welcome”, and "Write to me" on the home page of my site.

I wish you a very nice day!

Ptit Bunny, so happy to celebrate spring 😊

Note: if you want to color a mandala too, go and get your colored pencils or your markers, and ask a grown-up to print the PDF documents below (don’t forget to say “Please”😉 ).

Mandala Ptit Bunny 1
Download PDF • 300KB

Mandala Ptit Bunny 2
Download PDF • 284KB


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