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Summer Break Is Here!

I love vacations! When I think about that word, a lot of images come to my mind: the bike rides at my grandpa's house and the tent we put in his yard to spend the night. I also like it when he takes us to the corn maze and that at the end we eat ice cream while sitting on a little bench.

Sometimes we go to the beach or to the lake. My little brother and I build beautiful sandcastles and we dig tunnels to drive our little trucks through them. And with mommy we look for pretty shells on the beach, and we make flowers out of paper that we later exchange with other children.

When it's very hot, we have water fights in the yard, and mommy gives us popsicles for snack.

We also have barbecues. My favorite part is dessert, when we make Smores!

During Summer break, we can go to sleep a little later, like the sun. Because as mommy says, "No more racing!" No need to set the alarm clock in the morning. And that's really nice.

So today I feel very happy because summer is here. And we're going to have a lot of fun, I promise!

Enjoy the vacations, my friends!

Ptit Bunny


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