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The Night of the Shooting Stars

This is one of my favorite moments. Every summer, in August, we have nights when shooting stars appear. I just asked my mommy and she said that this year it will be between the 10th and the 14th of August. For this magical night, we have to prepare our camp. We put the sports mats on the deck, sometimes even the mattress from my trundle bed, and on top we put blankets and sleeping bags. I like to organize the camp with mommy. My little brother sometimes bothers me because he gets on the blankets before the camp is all ready. He hides, he laughs. But I know that shooting stars night is really important. First of all, because it's magical; second, because it's the night of wishes.

When everything is ready, the three of us lie down under the covers and gaze at the sky. It's beautiful! We have to gaze for a long time, and everywhere at the same time, to try to see a shooting star. The first time I saw one, I was wrong: it was a plane. So mommy explained to me that I had to be very patient. I said okay, but actually, I think that patience is a grown-up thing, and that mommy tells me that so that I can learn.

All of a sudden, I saw one! Like a very bright light that went super fast through the sky. I yelled, "I saw one! I saw one! I saw one!” My little brother was disappointed, because he hadn't seen it. And mommy whispered in my ear that she saw it too. And this is the precious moment when you can make a wish. I used to make the same wish all the time, but this year I've changed it. And I'm sorry but I can't share it because in order for it to come true, it has to be kept secret.

I wish you lots of shooting stars this summer!

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