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Back to School in a Few Days!

First of all, a little cultural note: back to school does not happen at the same date in all countries. In the US, it depends on the school and the area. Some schools are year round, others go back in August. So it varies a lot.

In a few days we are going back to school. I am very happy because I will see my friends again! But I also feel a bit worried because I'll be in a new class with a new teacher and maybe not exactly the same friends as last year.

When Mommy suggested we checked if my pencil case was ready, I told her about it. And she said: "Ptit Bunny, it's normal to feel both happy and worried. But don't worry, it won't last. Once you get to know your teacher and meet your friends in the playground, these little anxieties will go away".

I kept organizing my pencil case, hoping with all my heart that Mommy was right.

In the afternoon, we went to buy a new water bottle and gym shoes. I also chose the paper to cover my notebooks (another cultural note here: in Belgium, we usually use a paper of our choice to cover and protect our books and notebooks at the beginning of the school year). It's always my grandpa who takes care of that, and he says that the paper has to be of good quality. So I took a good look and chose one with soccer balls on it. I don't really know if it's of the quality grandpa is talking about, but it was my favorite.

It's great to get everything ready for a new school year!

In the evening, after the bedtime story, Mommy said, 'You know, Ptit Bunny, I've been thinking about our conversation, and I have a suggestion for you: on the first day of school, I'll put a little smiley sticker on your wrist, under the sleeve of your sweater. You'll look at it from time to time, you'll know that I'm thinking of you, and that the end of the school day will be there before you know it. I like it when Mommy looks for solutions with me, because it makes me feel better. Mommy gave me a big hug. My little brother was already asleep. I was comfortable in my cozy bed, and I started thinking about my nice pencil case, my friends, and the games on the playground. We're going to learn a lot of new things, and we're going to have lots of fun!


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