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Bird Feeder

Sometimes we see a squirrel frolicking in our yard. It climbs trees and jumps from branch to branch like an acrobat. It gathers its supply of nuts for the winter.

I also see little birds landing on the deck. They are beautiful! In the summer, I love to listen to them sing. What about making a feeder to help them find food when it starts getting cold? Here is an easy craft. You will need a grown-up to help you make the holes, and then you can decorate it. All you’ll have to do once done is buy a mix of bird seeds, and fill their little bird feeder regularly. You will see how grateful they will be.

What you will need:

- a clean large carton of milk or fruit juice

- acrylic paint

- a small drinking cup or a compass

- string

- twigs or popsicle sticks (like the ones we used in the bookmark craft)

- a small branch

- strong glue

- things to decorate (feather, leaves, ivy, raffia, etc.)

Remove the cap from the top of the cardboard and cut the plastic part if necessary.

Use acrylic paint, in the color of your choice. Beware of stains! Don't forget to put on your apron.

For the roof, glue twigs or popsicle sticks cut in half.

Using the underside of a glass or a cup, draw circles with a pencil on both sides of the carton (you can also do that with a compass).

Cut out the two circles that will be the openings.

Make a hole underneath, on either side of the brick, in order to slide in the small branch that will serve as a perch for the birds.

Make a hole in the protruding upper part through which you will pass the string (to attach the feeder).

Decorate as you wish: feathers, leaves, ivy, raffia, etc.

The birds are thanking you already!


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