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Sometimes everything gets on my nerves. And at night, I don't feel like going to bed. I still put my pajamas on and I brush my teeth (that's very important, remember?!) and I go to my room with Mommy for the bedtime story. But by the time we get to the last page, I already know that I won't feel like sleeping. And I think mommy notices because she says, "Ptit Bunny, why don't we do a quick meditation session?" Let me explain: meditation is useful to calm oneself down, and it doesn't mean it’s boring. I lay on my bed and I close my eyes. Mommy sits next to me like to tell me a story. She tells me to be aware of the air going into my nose and then coming out. Just that, in a calm voice. Then she tells me to feel how my whole body is relaxed in my cozy bed, and how my head, my arms, and my legs can finally let go after a long day. And that's funny because then it feels as if my arms and legs are getting heavier and sinking into the bed. And she also tells me that when thoughts come to distract me, I can imagine that I put them on little clouds that take them away. And you know what? It works! And it works so well that I fall asleep and have a really good night.

So next time you feel too frazzled to go to bed, why don't you try meditation too?

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