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Homework puts me in a good mood sometimes, and sometimes not.

I like math! I put the numbers together in my head, like a puzzle, and I get the answer. But I find writing a bit annoying because it takes time. I try to go fast, and it doesn't work! Then Mommy tells me: ‟Congratulations for your calculations, Ptit Bunny. As for the words, you'll have to start again, and concentrate on writing them in your best handwriting”. I kind of know that’s what Mommy will say, but I am in such a hurry to finish my homework. But when I don't do it right the first time, it ends up taking even longer. Today, I almost got angry, then I looked at my notebook; there were 5 lines, it wasn't such a big deal! I sat down properly on my chair, and I did my best - that means I took the time I needed.

I was so happy with the result! It was so well written! It looked like my teacher’s handwriting! Mommy congratulated me on a job well done and told me that after putting my backpack away, I could go and play!


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