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My Little Cat

You know that I love playing in the yard and exploring every little corner. Well, here is what happened the other day. I was playing with my ball when I saw a little cat in the distance. I love animals so I wanted to get close to it, but I quickly realized that it would be complicated; it was very shy. So I crouched and waited. We looked at each other for a long time. I took a step forward, very slowly, and the little cat left. So I started playing with my ball again.

And the next day, guess who was back in the yard? The little cat. So I crouched again and waited. And after doing this for a few days, it came to smell my hand. I was so happy!

We stayed there together in the grass, I was talking softly as to not frighten it.

I told Mommy, but she already knew because she had seen us through the window.

Since then, every day, when I come home from school, the little cat is waiting for me in the yard. And now it lets me get closer. I can even pet it. Mommy told me that I tamed it. That means that it learned to trust me, and that we became friends. We can even play with the ball together. The little cat has become my little cat.


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