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I Built a Fort In The Living Room!

I explained to you earlier that sometimes I get bored, remember? And that it's as if nothing interests me anymore. Well, the other day it happened again. But not for long! I was sitting on the sofa, getting ready to pout, when I got an idea! I was going to build a fort! I gathered all the cushions in the living room, I grabbed two chairs from the dining room, and I gathered all the blankets I could find. I had to be really patient to make the walls with pillows. Some were easier to build thanks to the sofa’s armrests; others fell down again and again. So I stopped them from falling over with the backs of the chairs. And then I took a blanket to make the roof, and another one to cover the whole fort! It was awesome! I made a little door on the side and sneaked in. There wasn't much room, but enough for my little brother and me. I called him and he joined me. And we decided to play a trick on mommy ;) I stuck my head out through the secret entrance and yelled, "Mommy, can you come help me tie my shoelaces please?” I heard Mommy coming down the stairs and I realized that she couldn't see me. My little brother and I felt like laughing. And the more we could hear Mommy looking for me, the harder it was to not burst into laughter. "Ptit Bunny? Where are you? Where are you, Ptit Bunny? Ptit Bunny?" Then we could hear that she was coming towards the living room. And I felt the roof of our fort shaking because it was so funny that we couldn't stop fidgeting. So I said with a little voice, "Hi Mommy, we are here!" I felt a corner of the blanket being lifted, and Mommy had a smile so big that even her eyes were smiling!


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