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Love Languages

It would be really nice if you read today’s story with other members of your family.

I told you earlier that what counts in a family is its heart, the love that's inside.

So today we're going to talk about ways to express that love. There are many ways to show someone that you love him/her.

1. First, words, "words of affirmation": I love you, I like it when you are close to me, you are the best dad, you are the best mom, etc.

2. There are also hugs and kisses.

3. There is the act of helping, called “acts of service”: putting away toys which are all over the living room or helping to clean the table for example.

4. There is “quality time”, like playing a game together, baking cookies, going for a walk, etc.

5. And then there are “gifts”: giving a drawing, flowers, etc.

This is called the 5 Languages of Love. The author of the book "The Five Love Languages" is Gary Chapman.

So, when you want to show someone in your family that you love them, what do you do first?

And on the other hand, what makes you feel loved the most?

Here is the link to a cool little video but it's only available in French.

Chapman, G. (2004). The Five Love Languages. Northfield


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