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My Explorer's Notebook - Part 1: The Sky

One day, my Mommy stuck little glow-in-the-dark stars on my bedroom’s ceiling. Since then, after my bedtime story, when she turns off the light and there’s only my night light left, the ceiling lights up! It's beautiful! So beautiful it made me want to discover the sky. So we found some books about planets, we bought a little quiz on space, and I started my first explorer's notebook! I'll tell you how to make one, it's really easy!

To make your notebook, ask a grown-up to help you by getting sheets of paper, strings, and a stapler or a hole punch as well as scissors. Fold the sheets into quarters or halves and attach them either with staples or with a string; if you want to use the string, you will run it through the holes you made with the hole punch.

I wrote “Ptit Bunny's Explorer's Notebook” on the cover, I drew the sky, the sun, and some planets, and every day I put the date and I write or draw what I observe. When my sentences have lots of words, I ask my mommy or my grandma for help.

For example: Monday, March 25 in the morning: clouds in the sky. In the evening: crescent moon.

Sometimes the moon is completely round, it’s called the full moon. Other times, the clouds have pretty shapes. And the stars, they shine so bright!

I even learned the names of the planets! There is Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune. And of course ours: the Earth.

I hope my sharing of this project will make you want to look at the sky, and create your own explorer's notebook!

I wanted to create other notebooks too because I am very curious, but I will explain that in another story.

Enjoy the discoveries!


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