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My Treasure Box

We all have little things we care about: a nice birthday card, seashells collected during a vacation at the beach, a gift received from a friend, a nice little note, a souvenir toy from when we were little, a lucky charm, etc.

What about putting them all together in a treasure box?

Ask a grown-up to help you find an empty box: an old shoe box, a cardboard box, or any box you can use as a container. Then think about how you’d like to decorate it. You can draw your ideas on a piece of paper first, or you can start right away. Choose a theme (your favorite animal, a book or cartoon hero, your first name, etc.), colors that you like, things to stick on it (pictures, drawings, photos), and with the help of your markers and/or some glue, turn this box into a treasure chest. Be creative! There are so many ways to decorate it! Need a little help to cut out or glue? Don't hesitate to ask for help from a grown-up. And they can even tell you stories about the treasures they collected when they were little ;)

Once the box is ready, put your favorite little things in it.

Here are a few ideas of new treasures:

Look for a four-leaf clover in your garden, find a shiny pebble, ask someone to write you a precious note, etc.

Then, store your box in a safe place, and don't forget to put in it every new little treasure you find.

Have fun!

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