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My Vacation Notebook

During summer break, we have more time than usual to do things we enjoy! So with mommy, we created a vacation notebook. It's like an explorer's notebook with a vacation theme. In it we can write and draw the activities we do every day. And then mommy adds pictures. And it makes great memories!

For example, on Monday: bike ride and ice cream (you know how I love ice cream!). We laughed a lot because mommy wanted to take a selfie, you know, when we're all in the picture, even the one who is taking it. My little brother was acting like a clown again! And he put ice cream on the tip of my nose. I was going to get angry but I couldn't help but start laughing! So the selfie turned out to be really good ;)

On Tuesday: board games and raspberry picking. Mmm, we love raspberries!

On Wednesday: yard work with mommy and then banana bread baking (don't forget, the recipe is on my blog). I drew a strange insect in our notebook: a firebug.

On Thursday: playground with grandma, my little brother, and a friend. We love the zip line, and playing soccer too of course!

On Friday: long bike ride with my grandpa, then picnic with sandwiches so good that I ate them all, and every time my grandpa says ‘you were as hungry as a wolf!’

And for the weekend, we drew a vacation landscape, mommy wrote a charade that we had to guess (I'll explain next time, it's a very fun little game), and we wrote down three things we would like to do next week!

I love this little notebook! Summer break is great!


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