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My Weekly Planner

I'm so happy to meet you here again after this first week of school!

How was your first day? All went really well for me. I like my new teacher, I saw my friends again, we played a lot on the playground. We also worked of course ;)

On Tuesday, at snack time, Mommy said that we were going to get organized. She showed us a sheet of paper, like a small calendar with empty spaces where you can write. That's where we'll put all the things we shouldn't forget: dentist appointments, activities, invitations, etc. And then we'll put it on the fridge.

I thought it was so nice that I wanted to share it with you!

PS: On September 9th, it's Teddy Bear Day. You can draw one in Wednesday’s box, so that you won't forget to celebrate your favorite teddy ;)

Semainier Weekly Planner
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