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Our Inner Treasure Box

A few weeks ago, we made a treasure box. A box in which we can keep all the little things we treasure.

But did you know we all have a little treasure box inside of us?!

Do you know what you can find in it? My mommy gave me some examples. I'll share them with you and I’ll explain them one by one:

Focus: being focused means being able to concentrate, for instance on a beautiful coloring book, or following the instructions to build a Lego set.

Imagination: being able to create stories or having an imaginary friend.

Courage: to find the strength to do something that we don't want to do, or that scares us a little.

Kindness: being attentive to others (caring for others), like when you help a friend who is not able to do something, or when you talk to your little brother to comfort him.

Patience: wait for your turn, wait for the cookies to cool down before tasting them ;)

Perseverance: starting again when you can't do something, trying again until you succeed, without getting discouraged.

Sensitivity: feeling emotions such as joy or sadness, in yourself and others.

We're all different, we all have qualities and shortcomings, as grown-ups say. And sometimes the "shortcomings" can even turn into qualities! If we are stubborn, for example, we can use this trait to persevere in order to not give up on something that is important to us.

My mommy often says that I'm focused and that my little brother is perseverant.

What about you: what are YOUR inner treasures? I bet you'll find some that aren't on the list ;)

But above all, remember this: be proud of all these little gems inside you!



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