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When we go on vacation, we often send postcards to family and friends. This year we didn't go. But we can still send little postcards!

Here's how to do it:

With a sheet of paper (A4), you can make 4 cards, by folding the sheet in 4 and then cutting it into 4 rectangles, like this:

On one side you make a nice drawing, and on the other side you write your little note. If you want to send the card in an envelope, then you have plenty of room to write. If the paper is thick enough, you won’t need an envelope: you can draw a pencil line in the middle and on the right side, you write the address, like this:

Mr. Grandpa (you write the real name)

4, Carrot Field Street

Burrowland, CA 94649

USA (or other if it's another country)

For your little text, you can write about what you’ve been doing, or write 'I'm thinking of you', or ‘Love', or whatever you want to share!

All you have to do is ask a grown-up for a stamp and then mail it.

And you'll make the person who receives your mail very happy!

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