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Ptit Bunny Brushes His Teeth!

I bet you all know how important it is to brush your teeth. In the morning and in the evening! Every day! Even during holidays! Brush your teeth to prevent cavities, and to have strong and beautiful teeth! My little brother and I have a little stool that Mommy puts in front of the bathroom sink. I can see myself in the mirror, because I'm getting big! I brush in the back, in the front, on the sides. Make sure you don't forget a single spot! I like it when the toothpaste makes foam in my mouth. We have an hourglass that my Mommy puts next to the sink. When the sand runs out, that means we've brushed our teeth long enough! And then Mommy checks and makes sure our teeth are really clean, and she congratulates us.

By the way, have you ever lost a baby tooth? If so, here's a little idea: let’s do crafts, let’s decorate a baby teeth box.

Did you know that in Belgium, we don’t have the Tooth Fairy. It’s The Little Mouse. So this is the craft I did. But you can decorate it in a different way!

Take an empty matchbox. Decorate it with stickers or paint it the color of your choice. Then, on the upper part, draw a mouse. Or if a grown-up can give you a little help, ask him/her to help you make a mouse out of air-drying modeling clay as it is easy to shape. Make a cute little mouse, let it dry and then ask for it to be glued on top of the box. And you can even put some cotton inside, that will act like a cushion.

It's ready! The Little Mouse or The Tooth Fairy can come by when your next tooth falls out ;)


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