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Ptit Bunny Is Bored

How can I explain this to you? Sometimes when I'm home, I get bored. It’s like I don't know what to do, and it feels like nothing interests me anymore. Like today. If my mommy suggests that I play a board game, I say no. Then she asks if I want to build a new house with my Legos, I'm not interested in that either. She proceeds to get some books from my bookshelf for us to read together, I don't like my books anymore. Between you and me, there's one thing I'd like to do though: watch TV, but I know my mommy will repeat one of her favorite phrases: "Ptit Bunny, no more screens today". And then she would add, "You know, sometimes it's good to be bored”. Between you and me again, that sentence makes me angry. Because it makes me feel like my mommy has no idea! So I usually start pouting. And when I do that, I like it when she sees me so she can see my point! So, I sat on the couch, looked outside, and didn't move. I looked out at the yard, and then, without understanding how, I became the hero of a story! I started exploring, with a mission: finding a ladybug! I took my magnifying glass, my backpack, and I started running around the yard! It smelled like freshly cut grass. I met a butterfly, which joined me in my mission. It was so much fun! We both started looking for the ladybug. And all of a sudden, we spotted one! We were so happy! And then a funny thing happened. It was as if my mommy had joined me in the story. I heard "Ptit Bunny, I've prepared a little snack, come join me in the kitchen!” I turned my head and my mommy was there. And the yard was right in front of me through the window. I came out of my day dream, and I thought of what my mommy had told me earlier. When I started to get bored, my imagination came looking for me! And I had so much fun!

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