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Ptit Bunny, You Should Clean Up Your Room!

Do you hear this constantly too? Well, I have to admit, I'm often in a hurry, so I leave everything lying around.

But it doesn't really bother me, except when I can't find my things, and my mommy tells me "Ptit Bunny, if you'd only put your things away.” I know she's right. So yesterday I decided to surprise her, and I cleaned up my room.

I put all my books on my bookshelf, I placed my drawings in a box, I folded up a pair of shorts and a t-shirt, and I even found a sock under my bed. I made my bed too, and I put all my stuffed animals away. Then I took the extra papers that I found to the paper bin. And I must say that when I went back to my room, I was proud of myself! It looked great! It almost looked like my room had grown! So I called my mommy for her to come and see my surprise, and it felt really good to see her so happy.

A little while after that, something really cool happened to me. I wanted to go outside to play, but first I had to put on my little sports sweater. And instead of looking for it everywhere and calling my mommy for help like I usually have to do, I found it right away, hanging on my little coat rack, exactly where I had put it! Twice proud of myself in one day!

Good job Ptit Bunny!


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