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Seeing the Glass Half Full

This is an expression that my Mommy really likes. It has nothing to do with a half-filled glass. Let me explain. Seeing the glass half full means seeing the good side of things.

For example, Mommy told me that after school, we would go get ice cream. When we arrived, the ice cream parlor was closed. I was very disappointed, of course. So Mommy told me that when she would go buy bread at the bakery, I would get to choose a lollipop. In this case, seeing the glass half full means not thinking about the ice cream anymore and enjoying my delicious strawberry lollipop!

The other day, I was invited to a friend's birthday party. But I caught a cold a few days before, and I was coughing a lot. So I didn't go to school, and I didn't go to the birthday party either. I was sad to miss that party with my friends. I stayed home for a few days, and since Mommy had to work at the computer, she had me settled super cozily on the living room couch with my comforter and I was allowed to watch cartoons on TV. Seeing the glass half full was enjoying this comfy little moment keeping in mind that I would see my friends again very soon and that there would be more birthday parties!

One more example: on Saturday I had a soccer game against a very strong team. I scored a goal but it wasn't enough; we still lost. Yet everyone was proud of us because we played a really good game. Seeing the glass half full is to be happy with the goal I made, happy to play in a great team, and telling myself that next time we'll win ;)

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