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The Hug Supply

Because of the virus, we can no longer hug everyone as we used to. No more hugs to my teacher, no more hugs to my neighbors, no more hugs to my grandpa or grandma even! At that point I told Mommy, this can’t be! She explained to me again that we have to be careful for the moment, and we started thinking about solutions. Mommy said to me: "Ptit Bunny, since we can't give hugs for real anymore, we're going to make paper hugs and send them out!"

The happy hug

The caring hug

The funny hug

The encouraging hug

The reassuring hug

The hug to be invented

Because you can create as many hugs as you want! To be printed, colored, and above all, handed out!

The Hug Supply to print
Download PDF • 4.64MB


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