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Treasure Hunt

One day I invited a friend over to my house for a play date. First we played with my Lego, then we took a board game, then we played in the garden, and then we ran out of ideas. So I told my mommy, and she said she might have an idea. She went inside, and I saw she was going to her office. In the meantime, we had found an old tennis ball and were having fun aiming at a little toy car. Every time we hit it, we would earn one point.

Then mommy came back and said, “Kids, could you go to the kitchen and fill your water bottles?” It’s true that it was hot! When we came out, mommy said: “Would you like to play a new game? Come with me, I've got something to show you”. There was a drawing that she made on the table. We sat down next to her and she told us: “Here's a treasure map. I drew the garden, and clues for you to find the treasure I hid. Pay attention and don’t give up!”

My friend and I were hopping around with the map in our hands. We sat down near my little wooden house and looked around: we recognized the big tree, the flowers, my wooden house, the small alley. At first, we kept on turning the map around because we wanted to go fast! But then we looked around us, and we began to understand. We took small steps, following the clues. At times we would get a little impatient because we thought we were in the right place but weren't! So we had to go back and look again. And then we knew we had it right: we recognized the bush, and on the map, the treasure was behind it. We searched and searched, and we saw a little piece of string sticking out! We pulled it, and there it was: a bag of candy! We were so happy because there were a lot of candies! But also because we were so proud: we had become explorers. We ran to the kitchen yelling: “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! We found it!” “Congratulations, you're real champions!”

We had such a good time that afterwards we wanted to draw our own maps and hide more treasures. We took paper and pencils, and we got to work. We hid the few candies that were left and we had a lot of fun, until it was time for my friend to go home.

A treasure hunt is fun! I can't wait to do it again!

So if you're bored, why not ask a grown-up to hide a treasure and draw a map that will help you find it?


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