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Wash your Hands!

It's something grown-ups often say : "Ptit Bunny, will you please wash your hands before you sit down to eat". Or when I come home after school: "Ptit Bunny, don't forget to wash your hands".

And now, because of the virus - remember we talked about it a few months ago-, it is even more important to wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.

To help you out, today I wanted to tell you how I do it. So here are the little steps to follow to make sure your hands are super clean! Here we go :

During this little routine, don't forget to turn off the tap in order to not waste water.

And you know what Mommy told me? That there is even a World Hand Washing Day! It is on October 15th.

A4 and A3 PDF Files to print:

Washing my Hands with Ptit Bunny A4
Download PDF • 4.65MB

Washing your Hands with Ptit Bunny A3
Download PD • 8.64MB


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