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Let me start by telling you a little anecdote (that means a little story that happened to me) about Candlemas: every year, we prepare crêpe dough, and then, Mommy flips the crêpes over in the pan. Because I was finally old enough, last year, I was allowed to hold the pan by myself. Mommy repeated to me many times to be careful, to only touch the handle as not to burn myself. First she helped me flip the crêpe over, and then it was my turn to try by myself. I was very focused! Mommy gave me the pan, and the crêpe went up and fell back down on the right spot. Happy and proud of myself, I put the pan... on the chair! Mommy screamed, “No Ptit Bunny, not there!”. By the time I removed it, a nice circle had formed. We won't forget about this Candlemas, that's for sure! ;)

Cultural note: Candlemas (la chandeleur in French) is a holiday dedicated to crêpes.

Now, a recipe for crêpes:

For about 16 crêpes:

8.75 oz. of flour

4 eggs

2 ¾ cups of milk

1 pinch of salt

1.75 oz. of sugar + 1 pack of vanilla sugar

Pour the flour, a pinch of salt, the sugar, the vanilla sugar, and part of the milk into a large bowl.

Mix it all together until you get a thick dough. Add the rest of the milk and mix.

Leave to rest for about 15 minutes.

You can then put some dough in the pan so that the surface is covered in a thin coat of dough, let it cook, flip it over, let it cook some more. When both sides of the crêpe are golden, it's ready! Add some sugar (white or brown), or jelly or chocolate, and roll up the crêpe.


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