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My Grandpa's Waffle Cookies

Did I ever tell you that my grandpa makes the best waffle cookies on the planet?

Yesterday, I called him and asked him if he would share his recipe. He said yes, and sent it to me! You can of course adjust the quantities. My grandpa always makes a lot of them, because we eat them so quickly!

"Little Red Riding Hood's Waffles"


- 2.2 Lbs of flour

- 2.2 Lbs of white granulated sugar

- 2.2 Lbs of butter

- 15 eggs

- 7.05 oz of light brown sugar

- 2 packs of vanilla sugar


- Soften the butter so that it can be easily mixed with the flour.

- Separate the white and yolk of the 15 eggs and beat the whites until stiff, adding a pinch of salt.

- In a large bowl, carefully mix the butter and flour by hand.

- Add the sugar and egg yolks and knead again.

- Finish by incorporating the stiff whites in stages. Mix well.

- Now you just have to heat up and grease the waffle cookie iron.

You will get 40 to 50 pretty waffle cookies.

"Beware of the wolf! He loves them!"

"Galettes" here is a difficult word to translate, because I don't think a similar recipe exists in the US. Even in Belgium it varies from region to region: some call them 'galettes', others 'gaufres'. The bottom line: they are delicious, and that's what matters!


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