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Ptit Bunny’s Smoothies

Hello my friends! If it’s the same in your house as in mine, you are certainly often told that it is important to have a balanced diet. Since the two recipes I’ve suggested so far were rather rich and sweet, today we're going to make smoothies! It's simple and delicious!

The grown-up who will prepare it for you will need:

- a blender

- cold milk

- your favorite fruit

- vanilla sugar

- ice cubes if you want an iced smoothie

Cut the fruit into pieces, place them in the blender, add the milk and the vanilla sugar (and the ice cubes if you want), and mix!

Some ideas: banana smoothie (my favorite), strawberry smoothie (it also works with frozen fruit), raspberry smoothie, banana/kiwi smoothie, etc.

A smoothie: for breakfast or for a snack during the day. A vitamin-packed refreshment that you can enjoy anytime!

If you have a dairy allergy or are lactose intolerant, this recipe also works with soy or almond milk.


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